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Africa Organics Boabab Shampoo for Stressed, Treated Hair - 210ml

Baobab fruit and Inulin are used as natural conditioners. The oil extracted from the seeds of baobab moisturise and lock in moisture. Follow up with Baobab hair Conditioner.



Africa Organics Marula Shampoo for Normal Hair

A unique formula that washes away daily toxins and protects hair. The high anti-oxidant content in Marula helps to strengthen hair while the moisturising oil helps to prevent breakages. A normalising and balancing formulation

210 ML


Africa Organics Marula Shampoo, 210ml

Africa Organics Mongongo Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair

This natural colour protect shampoo guards against damaging environmental effects; extends life and colour. The high eleostearic acid content in Mongongo naturally protects the hair from UV exposure, helps colour-treated hair maintain its vibrant colour.

210 ML


Africa Organic Mongongo Shampoo, 210ml

Organic Orange and Coconut Gloss Shampoo

Turns natural care into a family affair.



Treemendus Organic Shampoo

Treemendus organic tea tree shampoo with peppermint, rosemary and neem oils, cleanses your hair and prevents dry, itchy scalp conditions. Rosemary stimulates growth and adds shine to your hair, whilst invigorating the senses.


Treemendus Organic Shampoo, 250ml
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